JPSSM CALL FOR PAPERS: New recurring special section called “The Boundary”

Douglas E. Hughes, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management

The Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management (JPSSM) is pleased to invite research article submissions for a special section entitled “The Boundary” to run periodically, beginning in 2019. The Boundary will feature short articles and research notes that meaningfully advance knowledge by exploring important boundary conditions of previously published sales research. JPSSM is the premier international journal devoted exclusively to the publication of peer-reviewed articles related to personal selling and sales management.

Special Section Overview
Rarely does one research paper produce “the answer” that fully explains the phenomena being investigated or that generalizes across every context. Reality is typically more complex than can be represented in a single study; therefore, there is great value to the field in uncovering and reporting boundary conditions that provide a deeper and more nuanced understanding of theory along with practical ramifications. Moreover, conflicting results across studies may be resolved in part by directed investigation of relevant boundary conditions. This special section of JPSSM will feature short articles (5000 words or less) that expand our knowledge by identifying important moderators, refining constructs, explicating mediating mechanisms, and/or introducing new methodological approaches that shed new light on critical phenomena in sales and sales management research.

“The advantages of BC exploration are that it serves as an instrument for further developing the respective theory, fosters validity within organizational research by mitigating theory borrowing outside the theory’s range, and helps mitigate the research-practice gap” (Busse, Kach, and Wagner 2017). Authors are encouraged to read the following article for inspiration and guidance in preparing submissions for this special section:

Busse, Christian, Andrew P. Kach, and Stephen M. Wagner (2017), “Boundary Conditions: What They Are, How to Explore Them, Why We Need Them, and When to Consider Them,” Organizational Research Methods, 20(4), 574-609.

Submission Information
The initial deadline for submission of manuscripts (for consideration for the inaugural special section) is November 1, 2019 and we especially encourage you to meet this timeline. Thereafter, you may submit papers at any time. Only original papers not currently under review or published elsewhere may be submitted. Manuscripts should be submitted through the normal JPSSM submission process via ScholarOne ( While submitting, please select “Special Issue Submission – The Boundary” under “Manuscript Type.” All manuscripts must follow JPSSM Guidelines for Authors ( For this special section, we request that manuscripts be no more than 5000 words in length (20 double-spaced pages).



JPSSM is announcing a special issue called "Systematic and Holistic Perspectives on Sales Theory"

Guest edited by Drs. Nathaniel Hartmann, Heiko Wieland, Stephen Vargo, and Mike Ahearne.

The goal of this special issue is to contribute to the advancement and diffusion of stronger and more comprehensive sales and sales management theory. Submissions offering comprehensive conceptual frameworks, alternative ways of viewing long examined issues and phenomenon, analytical models, and/or methodological approaches that account for multiple actors and/or change over time are especially encouraged. Submissions that draw from the multi-actor perspectives such as the service ecosystems perspective of service-dominant (S-D) logic, institutional theory, complexity theory, social network theory, role theory, stakeholder theory and other theories that account for multiple, networked, or systemic set of actors are also strongly encouraged.

The initial submission deadline is January 5, 2020.

For more information about the special issue, a list of example topics to consider, and a comprehensive timeline, please CLICK HERE.