Aims and Scope

Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management (JPSSM), published on behalf of The PI SIGMA EPSILON National Educational Foundation, is positioned as the premier journal internationally that is devoted to the publication of peer-reviewed articles in the field of sales management and selling. In JPSSM, we publish contributions of high quality that deal with new issues, topics, methodologies, theories, concepts, tools, models or applications in sales and selling. Publications have to represent leading-edge, state-of-the-art and original work. Our aim is to increase our understanding of selling and sales management, contribute to fostering education in the domain, encourage knowledge transfer between science and practice, and the identification of issues and shaping of ideas associated with sales and selling as a company’s single most important revenue-generating function.


JPSSM is open to consider submissions from all over the world, dealing with important and timely issues in selling and sales management, and publishes work based on a variety of theories or methodologies. Nevertheless, publications in this journal have to be conceptually and methodologically rigorous, and at the same time represent substantial contributions to the field of sales and selling.


A list of topics suitable for publication in JPSSM might include, but is not limited to

•Role of Sales in Multichannel Management
•Issues in International / Global Sales Management
•Effects of Traditional and New Media, in particular Social Media, on Selling and Sales
•Vertical Integration of Personal Selling
•Organizational Issues in Sales Management
•Challenges in Managing Functional Interfaces (with Marketing, R&D, Production etc.)
•Sizing, Routing, and Call Planning
•Sales Force Control Systems
•Role and Effects of Leadership and Monitoring in Sales
•Management and Compensation of Salespeople
•Measuring Performance, Efficiency, and Effectiveness in Sales
•Psychological Issues in Sales and Selling
•Ethical Perspectives in Personal Selling and Sales Management
•Role of Technology in Sales and Selling (e.g. Computer-aided Selling, Salesforce Automation, Customer Relationship Management)
•Mathematical Modeling in Selling and Sales


In summary, we invite researchers and thought leaders to submit their best work on sales management and personal selling, which are a company’s most critical function to improve revenue, profitability, market share, customer satisfaction etc., to Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management.